Gradina is a beautiful bay situated 5 km away from Vela Luka. It faces west and is situated on inside of the Vela Luka bay. It is a popular destination for tourists, inhabitants of Vela Luka and sailing enthusiasts where the bay offers a safe harbour for mooring boats. In recent years, Gradina has transformed into a tourist destination with a wide selection of villas, houses and apartments. Gradina is adorned with the small island Gubesa and distance adorned with rocky islet Kamenjak which is home to colony of sea gulls. The coast line is rocky, sometimes paved with pebble accesses to the sea and a couple of small beaches which are sandy suitable for small children. The bay has its own history and with little church St. Ivan from the 14th century. A traditional regatta is held every year on St Ivan’s day with a special program. While staying here, we recommend a pleasant walk to the church.

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