Mediterranean Brunch

Minimum number of persons4
Maximum number of persons10
Departure time09:30
Return time13:00
Includestour of the tavern with cakes and pastries, walking, sightseeing and lunch
Discount for larger group and childrenyes, for children

The tour starts in the morning in an old  tavern with visiting  and tasting of various liqueurs, oils and wines. Everything is homemade, with ecological breeding. Homemade cakes are served here which are a custom in Vela Luka . After the visit  and tasting, there is a 20-30 minute walk with a guide to the nearby field and the farm. Along with sightseeing and food preparation, there is a farm cottage . Guests are served meals made up of seasonal food.  Main dish is seasonal, so you can find dishes from wild asparagus, roasted sardines, several types of lentils, all with seasonal cabbage and salads. And finally cakes and fruits. Homemade wine and juices are included in the price. All served exclusively from domestic production and breeding, with traditional recipes. This excursion is organizes by a family, and it shows the old way of living in Vela Luka and their wish is to get you closer to the customs, tastes and smells as they once were.

 The trip takes 3-4 hours.


Time of departure and return is by appointment.

Includes: tour of the tavern with cakes and pastries, walking, sightseeing and lunch (appetizer, main course with  salads, fruit, cakes, wine and juices)

The trip takes 3-4 hours.