Big Game Fishing

Minimum number of persons1
Maximum number of persons4
Price per person100-400 €
Departure timeearly in the morning
Return timeearly in the afternoon
Includeslunch, skipper, fishing equipment
Discount for larger group and childrenyes, for the 3 and more people

Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, because of its indented, with over 1,000 islands, with over 200 reefs, creates very good conditions for the development and habitation of large numbers of marine life. Thus, in the Adriatic Sea there have been recorded over 400 species of marine fish, which is 70% of the known species of fish from the Mediterranean Sea. People along the coast, especially on the islands since the being of time have been fishing as the main source of nutrition. Over the centuries they have developed skills of fishing, but also tools for fishing have been developed.
This day trip a fishing license is required, which is easily obtained. This trip starts in the early hours of the morning. If you are a fisherman with experience, you can take your "lucky" equipment with you. In the event you do not have them with you, accessories will be provided for fishing. If you've never been fishing, you will quickly master the technique. The fishing is often worth saying 'beginner's luck', so we are sure that everyone will have luck on this trip. If you already have experience, then you know what kind of therapeutic effect this trip has to every person. Which position chosen for fishing will depend on the wind? So fully keep trust in your captain. Big game fishing runs through the morning, and after fishing there is break for lunch, which is included in this trip. The possibility and a special treat is preparing and enjoying the fish that you caught during the morning. After lunch you can find refreshment in crystal clear water. And back in the early afternoon.
This tour takes us back to our origins, when men fought to nitration alone. Pride and other emotions that flood when you are returning from this trip is why you were on it. A fishing story, you will always carry with you!


Departure in the early hours of the morning.

Fishing and lunch. 

Time of return in early afternoon.