Kayak Family Tour

Minimum number of persons4
Maximum number of persons7+3
Departure time09:30
Return time12:00
Includeskayak,tour guide, light snack

This trip we can arrange according to your wishes to be a morning excursion, or a trip in the afternoon. Take half a day of your vacation to experience something new and something special. Take your family on a trip that will overcome together, and still have fun. The trip leaves from the beautiful bay near VeleLuke. After a short training in kayaking, ranging from rowing companion to the nearby island Ošjak. On Ošjak the scheduled stop, stroll and swim. Ošjak is known in Vela Luka and beyond as the island of love. Vela Luka, as a town known for the song, singing and good singers, mentions this island in many songs. Tour of the island will reveal his gentle side that invites you to swim, but the wild rocks that will intoxicate you with their beauty. After Ošjak, we encourage you to get to know another small inhabited island, Gubeša. It is also possible to stop and swim, according to your wishes. Bran this tour, return to the starting position. There awaits a cold snack and refreshment, which is included in this trip.


Time of departure and return is by appointment.

The excursion takes 2-3 hours. 

Cold snack and natural juices.