The town of Vela Luka is situated in a deep, sheltered bay on the western part of the island. The bay is over 9 km long, and the bay is certainly one of the best anchorages on the eastern Adriatic Sea, and is therefore very popular among yachting enthusiasts. Due to its relief the surroundings of Vela Luka, is full of cosy coves, wide bays and steep cliffs severed, and offers unlimited opportunities for a holiday. Vela Luka as we know today is one of the youngest towns on the island, but it is thanks to the Vela Spila, the most important archaeological site in the Mediterranean from the prehistoric times, we know that it was first inhabited. Aerial view of the surroundings of Vela Luka reveals a dense network of interlocking stone walls, which testifies to the hard work population. The people of this place built by farmers, traders and fishermen are valuable and versatile. It is interesting that the population, whether they were self-taught or academics are very prone to all kinds of art. This is a place for artists, painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and songs. Vela Luka is home to Chappelle singing. The earliest organized klapa from Vela Luka already celebrated their 50th anniversary (Vela Luka and Hum), a famous choir "Osjak" in 2016 celebrated 40 years of work. In Vela Luka in 1968 was held the first International Meeting of Artists. This is an event which is permanently marked by cultural and artistic life of the place and brought a new perspective to the urban development. If from today's perspective looking at the international meetings of Artists, held at the end of the 60's and the 70's of the last century, we can conclude that they are a reflection of the aspirations toward European unity, achieved through dialogue created between East and West art. Artists from around the world, different artistic approaches came to Vela Luka and created the mosaics as collective work, and left these mosaics art work to the people of Vela Luka permanent ownership. When walking through the town everywhere you will see mosaics from well-known and renowned artists.

Vela Luka is 21.06.1978 was hit by a tidal wave which caused great material damage. Local Artists who initiate an action with international Artists headed by the Vela Luka sculptor Ante Marinovic.  Collection of drawings, prints and small sculptures were Gifted the town a. Today it is kept in Cultural Centre in Vela Luka, and occasionally exhibited. Here areart works from the renowned names of Croatian and foreign artists such as, Edo Murtić, Ivan Kozaric, Frano Krsinic, Jesus Raphael Soto, Errό ... a collection dominated by two bronze sculptures by Henry Moore.

The cuisine and seafood specialties from numerous Vela Luka taverns and restaurants, you will feel the taste of Dalmatia, the friendly atmosphere of your host you will never forget. Here the Mediterranean brings its scents and beauties and makes Vela Luka ideal for relaxation of mind and body. During the summer months there is an organized cultural program in the town centre. There are a lot of  beaches like Kupalista Azzurro, in front of Poseidon, hotel Adria have been organized with bars, showers, deck chairs, umbrellas, and thanks to its long coast and twisted roads, every guest can find a beach which suits your needs.

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