It is a colossal settlement that was built in the 19th century, due to the proximity of more fertile and cultivated fields in this area. There were once more than 200 inhabitants in Potirna, so even the school was awarded and organized. Today, only about 20 people live there. Otherwise Potirna covers a large area south of Vela Luka. However, Potirna has been inhabited in the distant past, so today we know of many Illyrians. Old relatives also settled down, and we know about the remains of several farm buildings from that time, the so-called. Rustic villa. It is even mentioned in one of the theories of the first Greek settlement on the Adriatic islands. According to written documents, we know that the first Greek settlement was on the island of Korcula and it was built in the 6th century BC, but until now it does not know the exact location. Experts are settled between Potirna and peninsula on which today's town of Korcula is. It is today surrounded by olive groves, and the slopes of the surrounding hills are covered with pine forests. There is a rural economy with a restaurant that works over the season, serving only local specialties prepared locally and from your own garden.

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