Arheological site Vela Spila (Big Cave)

Vela Spila is one of the places that you must visit when you come to the island of Korcula!

It is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the Mediterranean and Europe. It is situated on a hill above the town, with beautiful panoramic views of the Vela Luka part of Vela Luka archipelago. Hiking trails and paved roads lead to cave. A group of young enthusiasts from Vela Luka, wanted to make use of the very path to the cave, and make it recognizable by illuminated at night and was visible from space. Modern techniques (radiocarbon method) dating showed that human activity in Big Cave go back 20,000 years. Found archaeological material provides evidence of settlements and forms of life of several prehistoric human communities that used the cave for everyday life and to bury their dead.

During excavation’s in 1986 there was discovered the remains of ritually-buried two adults. Scientific results brought that they most likely lived during the late Neolithic period. Local people from Vela Luka call them Baba (Grandmother) and Dida (Grandfather). Thousands of found fragments of ceramics, whole pottery and other objects represent findings of the utmost importance. They represent cultural, social and spiritual of the former inhabits of Big Cave with immediate economic relations with distant parts of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. One piece of pottery has been named Vela Luka's culture, named by its unique way of painting. Pottery excavated in 2012, is the second oldest pottery in the world (17,500 years old, and belongs to the Ice Age). Its discovery has had some changing effects on human history as we know it today.

As a part of the Cultural centre in Vela Luka, there is also an archaeological exhibition with part of the artefacts excavated in the Big Cave. So we look forward to feature excavations to see what other history is hided in the Big Cave.

Agency Magic Island recommends that you take a few hours of your vacation to visit the Big Cave. If you should need any help? Just contact us and we can arrange you visits to the cave and museum, or just a transfer.

By car a paved road leads to the Cave which is a ride which shorter than 10 minutes. During the summer months, there are normal working hours for caves visitors, and entrance fee are charged. We were out of season, and in this case you get the key for the Cave at the Tourist Board of Vela Luka, and if the TB Vela Luka closed key can be freely get it at the reception of hotel Korkyra in the centre of Vela Luka.

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