Prigradica is one of the older inhabited bays on the island, and is adorned with stone houses that seem to emerge from the sea. These houses were used for the purpose of storage of the highly esteemed Blato wine, oil and other agricultural goods which were exported with ships to the Adriatic and Mediterranean cities. With the development of this small trading port there was a large stone breakwater built, during the summer months comes a catamaran from Split, via Hvar and further connects then the town of Korcula. Prigradica is facing the island of Hvar, 4.5 km away from Blato and 8.5 km from Vela Luka. Today Prigradica exclusive a tourist resort with and the trend of the spread out and connected with the surrounding bays. Some of the facilities have managed to preserve the original style but the vast majority are modern and newly constructed buildings. Throughout the summer season in Prigradica have restaurants, bars and shops working. Most of the coastline in Prigradice is steep and rocky, but next to the Prigradica it has an  organized swimming area with a pebble beach.

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