In the beginning of the Vela Luka, lies this singed about islet. Vela Luka’s unavoidable scenery views of sunsets.  Beautiful dense green forests of pine, merges with the blue colour of the sky and blue colours of the sea. From the town centre is a taxi boat to the island, but otherwise you can get to know it through some of our trips: the main trip is „Kayak family Tour" and transient destination "Magic Island Relax" tour. All around the island leads pleasant walking paths through the pine forest. Beaches with pleasant gravel entrances to the sea where are two on the north side and a couple on the south side of the island. The rest of the beach is rocky and quite wild, especially the western side of the island. it used to be a major destination for swimming people of Vela Luka and nowadays  is a mandatory destination for lovers of naturism. Islet Osjak is known as "the island of love", why has it this name - visit it and discover for yourself ; )

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