While on vacation on this beautiful island, take the opportunity to rent a boat with your family or friends and spend an unforgettable time exploring uninhabited islands, hidden coves, and gentle rides along the rugged wild cliffs. Organize your day off, without haste, without the crowds; make your original picnic with the sound of the waves, the song of cicadas, perhaps on a secluded beach, which will only become yours. Does it sound good? This perfect vacation is closer than you think!


Max passengers: 6
Length: 5,50 m
Engine: Yamaha 115 HP
Tank: 90 l
Speed: 30 Mph
Equipment : radio, tends, anchor, life jackets
Prices / Day
Price per a daily rent 01.04. / 01.11.
1-2 days 1.506,90 kn / 200,00 €
3-6 days 1.469,23 kn / 195,00 €
7+ days 1.431,55 kn / 190,00 €

The Marvel 19 is a classic speedboat, of proven quality, from an Italian manufacturer. It is with good maritime capabilities and is easy to manage. However, given the engine's power, it is necessary to be extra careful. Marvel is a famous speedboat for family trips or traveling with friends. A strong outboard engine allows short trips to closer destinations and comfortable rides for long distances. There is enough space that you can be comfortable on it and has a hand grip for easier access in and out of the sea is not necessary to land along the coast. The bow of the boat is adapted as a sun deck. This excellent boat is easy to handle, yet because of the strong power plant, it is recommended for more experienced people to operate it so the delight in it is complete. The deposit for the boat is 200 €. The price includes insurance for the boat and passengers.

To rent a boat you are required to have a valid license to operate a boat. Hiring a boat includes a short training, status check and inventory of the boat, advice regarding the weather, and a map. The boat is provided with a full tank of fuel and returned in the same condition. Fuel is not included in the price. Hiring is from 09: 00h in the morning and ends at 18: 00h on the final days of use of the boat. Of course, we are flexible with the time limits, and we can adapt to differences in time before the agreed hourly rates. The boat can also be delivered and taken to a location that suits you, and in this case, the delivery is charged separately depending on the distance. When taking over the boat, check the condition of the boat and its equipment.