Our Agency offers maintenance to your home, apartments, and garden, depending on your needs or our beforehand agreement with home owner. In cooperation with our business partner, who is a specialized contractor n this business, we also arrange various types of cleaning, repairs and laundry services. We want to consolidate as many services to facilitate the property owners concern and preserve the value of the home.
These services are especially aimed at property owners who do not live all year round in the Vela Luka area.


Maintenance facilities are divided into:

  • supervision
  • current and corrective maintenance
  • cleaning

Owner of the property draws up a list of conveniences need, depending on the needs, requirements, etc. surface. Together with the owner we drew up a package of services, in order to have your property manager according to your wishes and needs.
Can be arranged year-round or control by months.

Control object may include:

  1. Inspection of the inside and outside of property twice a month, and always after bad weather.
  2. Submission of monthly a report to the owner, via e-mail and sent photos.
  3. Collection of mail and bills and their payment or forwarding of them to owner, depending on the agreement.
  4. The control meters of water, gas, and the state of electricity, water and gas installations, capacity and quality of water tank.
  5. Ventilation of the house and watering of plants.
  6. Storing of property key in a safe. At your request and with your written authorization, transfer the same to your guests, friends or contractors.
  7. Thorough checks of interior for the purpose of detection of humidity, water leakage, the presence of insects and the like.
  8. Verification that all windows and doors are lock, release water to prevent scale build-up and odours.
  9. Maintenance of the garden and outer buildings (cleaning leaves, nurturing plants, mowing the lawn, cleaning the driveway and terrace).
  10. Small painting jobs if needed.
  11. General cleaning of the property, just before your arrival.
  12. on your arrival, turning on of the boiler, heating, cooling and the like.


Individual services can be agreed are the following:

  • Delivery of the property key
  • A tour of the property as per your requirement
  • Minor repairs
  • Various administrative services
  • Cleaning the pool
  • Gardening and garden
  • Craft works (electrical, plumbing, painting works, etc.)


Current and corrective maintenance of the property includes minor repairs carried out on the basis of the inventory and offers. During the summer months, guest’s defects or malfunctions can apply to our office, or by phone at our business premises.

General cleaning of buildings refers to the complete preparation of the building and garden for the reception of guests, or for your arrival. The carrying out these jobs is done by experienced contractors in these matters. Guest change over cleaning ups is done during the amendment of guests in your facility, and according to your or request, organize the arrival of the cleaning staff, after the phone call. Also, according to the request of guests and owners we organize laundry service, which washed and ironed delivered back as soon as possible.

If you need a service that is not on this list, please contact us via e-mail, or contact us by phone, and we will do everything in our power to provide you this service.

All owners of such buildings we advise taking Insurance policies and insurance policies for persons staying in the house.

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