Kumpanija and Moreška - Sword dance

Kumpanija is particularly attractive and physically demanding dance with swords, which are performed  exclusively by men and danced exclusively on the island. Dancing in the town of Korcula called Moreska.

Moreska is different to other dances on the  island for its costume, different musical background, dance and has an extra part woman Bulle, but only as  personification of liberty. Sword dancing has its roots in Spain, so Korcula moreskanti  costumes are similar to that of the Maore (ground. Moresco),  just as Spain and Croatia at the begin  of these dances, were boundaries of the then Christian Europe. The tradition of dance is only kept on the island of Korcula.

In the towns and villages Pupnat (Mostra), Smokvica, Blato and Vela Luka with Kumpanije which have similar costumes, and dance. But we can say that this is an old knight game resulted from an organized national army which defended the island from various invaders in the troubled times of the past. The dance is accompanied by dialogue, playing the bag pipe and drum.

 The drum passes through the towns and villages, by gathering kumpanjole and informing people that show is going to begin. The dancers are dressed in old, rich costumes and dance with real swords insinuating fighting.

Kumpanija is a tradition that radiates beauty, patriotism, honor, faith and most important  transferring it to the new generation. This is the island cultural heritage that was performed exclusively during religious and national holidays. Nowadays it is performed once a week during the tourist season. So use this opportunity one night of your vacation  and enjoy the dancing. Dancers will leave you breathless

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